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The solar water pumps have proved to be a boon for the farmers who are facing shortage of power supply. It saves their hard earning money from spending on high cost diesel pump sets

Milking machine

In the lack of skilled workforce, the milking machines have become necessary tool for dairy farming

Integrating Agriculture with Technology

CropIn Technology connects the farmers with the people who want to interact with them such as seed companies and other input providers as well as commodity traders in many districts of Karnataka

Technology for Rural Agriculture

Rice transplanting machines have potential to mitigate the shortage of farm labourers, especially in the large tracts of land

Agriculture India

The video shows how to make agriculture a successful business model

Health Workers in rural areas

In Bihar, 200,000 community health workers have the enormous task of delivering critical health information to the people in the need. For this, Mobile Kunji plays important role in interacting these health workers with the people
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