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Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5

Taking into consideration 'Sanitation Problems related to child mortality', Lifebuoy highlights the problem and has taken the sanitation issue to the villages, through this video showing an emotional

Kan Khajura Tesan by Hindustan Unilever Limited

HUL's innovative mobile marketing initiative, 'Kan Khajura Tesan' has been recognised with the prestigious Lions Gold awards at Cannes. They have been awarded with three golds in the use of audio, use of mobile and response/real time activity categories

First Cut Visa Debit Village

Here comes a rural advertisement video, for 'Visa'. The ad showcases Visa Debit cards enabling e-commerce, and hence empowerment in rural areas and making the idea of banking simpler and more accessible for the village folks

Castrol CRB Pilot Ad

The video is on rural advertisement for Castrol CRB Prima. It speaks of the same engine oil that is used in planes and in trucks as well

Castrol CRB Prima Ad Film

This video is a rural advertisement shot for Castrol CRB Prima Tractor Oil. It was a super-hit in the rural markets. It speaks about the long-life and increased performance of tractors upon usage

Lifebuoy Hand Washing Roti Reminder

Here you can watch one of the brilliant campaigns organised by Hindustan Unilever for 'Lifebuoy', at 'Kumbh Mela 2013' in Allahabad. Lifebuoy decided to spread the message of handwashing by creating a special heat stamp on 2.5 million rotis (Indian Bread) , with the message 'Did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy?'

YELO - A Solar Powered Bag that Converts into a Desk

A big number of schools in rural India lack basic infrastructures, especially ?desks? for students. It leads to wrong posture and creates multiple problems for students. To solve the problem, YELO brought a bag for them which can also be used as desk

Pushkar Camel Fair 31 Oct to 6 Nov 2014

Over 50, 000 animals covering the small desert town of Pushkar , in India?s state of Rajasthan, for the annual Pushkar fair. It is a peculiar and breathtaking sight, where one can witness organic form of rural India
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