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ACC India - Cement Block TVC 2007

This is a short advertisement on ACC cement in a rural school set-up. It is a heart touching video, emotional, effective and simplistic

Coca-Cola Rickshaw Ad India 2014

The Coca Cola commercial has been shot in a rural set up to woo the rural consumers. The ad shows a rickshaw puller carries his 'love: one-sided wala' to her college so that she can appear in her exams

Lifebuoy Jump Pump Music Video

Lifebuoy brings 1,500 ?ghodagaadi? handpumps to schools so that children can get engaged in basic hygiene before having food


This Preet Tractors campaign showing the tractor being used by farmers for agricultural as well as haulag purpose which get them better utilisation of the tractor

Mahindra Tractors - Desh ke laal hain hum

This is a visual depiction of Mahindra Tractors omnipresence in India. It is a testimony to the myriad ways in which the tractor company touches the lives of people in India

Airtel Rural Ad 3 Tour Guide

The Airtel?s rural campaign talks about ?Airtel Bajega toh tarakki bolegi?, encouraging villagers to get their hands on mobile phone

Lifebuoy Help A Child Reach 5

Taking into consideration 'Sanitation Problems related to child mortality', Lifebuoy highlights the problem and has taken the sanitation issue to the villages, through this video showing an emotional

Kan Khajura Tesan by Hindustan Unilever Limited

HUL's innovative mobile marketing initiative, 'Kan Khajura Tesan' has been recognised with the prestigious Lions Gold awards at Cannes. They have been awarded with three golds in the use of audio, use of mobile and response/real time activity categories

First Cut Visa Debit Village

Here comes a rural advertisement video, for 'Visa'. The ad showcases Visa Debit cards enabling e-commerce, and hence empowerment in rural areas and making the idea of banking simpler and more accessible for the village folks
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