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How do I submit a letter to the editor?

Submitted by Admin on 13 February 2017

Rural & Marketing (R&M) magazine welcomes letters on its contents. Please send via e-mail to
You may also send your letter to i9media , FBD One Corporate Park, 10th Floor, Delhi Faridabad Border, NH-44 Faridabad 121003, Haryana (India ).

How do I submit an article/blog? / Can I write for R&M magazine?

If you have a proposal for an article, please submit a query by e-mail to Telephone calls invariably require more detailed follow-up, so the editors strongly encourage beginning with a detailed written query.

Such queries should explain the proposed subject and why it is of interest; outline the proposed treatment (who will be interviewed or what material will be covered etc.). The magazine does not encourage simultaneous submission elsewhere. Article may be edited to add value for our audience.

Besides, you may do it via ‘Contribute’ section at our portal.

What is the eligibility criteria to write an article/blog for R&M magazine?

Please do read the contributors’ guidelines section at our portal

What is the word limit for any article/blog?

About 1,200-1,500 for articles and 500-700 for blog.

From where you get the content?

We have our own full-time editorial team and a pool of freelancers and experts who contribute time to time.


Submitted by Admin on 13 February 2017

Who is the publisher of R&M magazine?

Mr. Ajay Adlakha is the editor & publisher of R&M magazine. E- Mail

Where does the magazine get published?

We have our in-house publishing unit in Faridabad by the name of PrintSmith.

How can I refer this magazine to my colleagues/friends?

You may share the relevant details (Name, Contact number and email) of the interested candidate with our customer care team at

What benefit will I get for referring someone?

If a minimum of your two references gets converted into business, you shall get three digital subscriptions free.

What type of digital magazine do you provide?


Submitted by Admin on 13 February 2017

How do you promote this magazine?

We keep on running several digital promotions.

How do I contact a member of the R&M magazine staff?

You may find a full list of magazine staff members, with e-mails addresses in the magazine itself. Or you may call our helpline number +91 – 8588871327.

How can I submit information about my new book to R&M magazine?

We will shortly build the knowledge marketplace for the same.

Are you present online?

We have an online portal

How can I apply for a job?

Please do visit

About R&M

Submitted by Admin on 13 February 2017

When did you start R&M magazine?

The magazine was started in July 2012.

What is the USP of R&M magazine?

We have pioneered this space by launching India’s first business magazine in rural domain. R&M is a specialty product which caters to all domain experts, knowledge partners, business community and policy makers in rural domain. Readers get know all about rural through this magazine as it covers all the sections including Agriculture, Business, Healthcare, Government Policy, among others.

Which all sectors do you cover?

We are covering all the relevant sectors including Agriculture, Business, Government Policy, Technology, Innovation, Education, Social, Healthcare of Indian hinterlands and the international counterparts.

Who is your target audience?

R&M caters to the below TG:


– Agri Colleges and Universities – VCs, Faculty and students and rural management institutes, Skill Development Institutes


– Technology providers (Agri, IT and Telecom, Communication) and users


– Rural innovators and users


– Healthcare institutions


– Rural marketers of FMCG, CDIT, Retail, etc.


– Agriculture, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Skill Development, Power and Renewal Energy, Science & Technology, Commerce, Water Resources, Food Processing, Health & Family Welfare, Chemicals and fertilizer, Finance, Health & Family Welfare, HRD, Social Justice and Empowerment, Tribal Affairs, Ministry of Women & Child


: Embassies, NGOs and PR agencies

What is the frequency of the magazine?

R&M is a monthly magazine that hits stands on 7th – 8th of every month.

What’s your readership base?

We have print and digital magazine; and the total readership is about 45,000.The magazine is available on stands Pan India being distributed by various distributors .

Is it an international magazine?

No. But we do have online readership base as well.

Do you publish the magazine in vernacular language?

R&M is a specialty product which caters to all domain experts, knowledge partners, business community and policy makers in rural domain and is published in English.

In the next phase, we are planning to target bottom of the pyramid i.e. Farmers and aim to provide agriculture and allied information in vernacular languages which would help them enhance farm productivity.

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