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UNICEF lends support to Swachh Bharat

UNICEF is to support government in implementing Swachh Bharat mission particularly in rural India
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UNICEF has offered its support to the government to successfully implement Swachh Bharat, particularly in rural India.

UNICEF India Representative Louis-Georges Arsenault said, "We are really putting everything we can to support this initiative."

Noting that hygiene and sanitation in many Indian districts, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, are "very weak," Arsenault expressed hope that the new initiative would help spread awareness among people about hygiene in their surroundings.

According to the UNICEF official, the organization's long standing support for improving water supply, sanitation and hygiene stems from a firm conviction and based on sound evidence that these are central to ensuring the rights of children.

UNICEF supports the centre and state governments in developing and implementing a range of replicable intervention models for sanitation, hygiene and water supply.

On October 2, Modi has launched the ambitious Swachh Bharat campaign joined by chief ministers, lawmakers, prominent personalities from various fields along with lakhs of countrymen in a drive that is expected to cost nearly Rs 2 lakh crore.

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