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Rural & Marketing - May 2013

Broading Rural Tele-Density

This month Rural & Marketing magazine's issue is BROADING RURAL TELE-DENSITY.It is estimated that a 10 per cent increase in teledensity contributes to 0.6 per cent of GDP growth. On the one hand, urban India is reaping the benefits of the telecom revolution, rural teledensity is still low at only 8 per cent. On the importance of tele-density in rural areas, Naresh Wadhwa, president and country manager, Cisco - India & SAARC,says "Telecom and network connectivity have widely been seen as enablers of a nation's socio-economic growth. The constantly evolving ICT landscape has not been unable to include the vast rural majority, simply because these areas have no access to the internet. The industry could do more to think differently on how rural India can participate and benefit from the ICT revolution."The scenario for Internet and broadband penetration is much off-putting, a JuxtConsult report, marks India's rural Internet usage at just 5 million.26 Rural