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Innovative Paddy Thresher: Providing Easy Solutions to Farmers

Considering the dire need of small farmers, Fazlul Hoque from Marigaon in Assam innovated a low cost thresher which provides easy solutions to the small farmers. Mohd Mustaquim reports

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In paddy harvesting, threshing is an important phase when the grain is separated from panicles. In conventional method, it is one of the time consuming and laborious jobs. In manual process, the labourers have to beat the straws against the stone or use draught animals. Even the threshing machines came into the market, but farmers had to chop the crop from the mid of the straws for threshing. In that case, the straws get wasted.

Considering the dire need of small farmers, Fazlul Hoque from Marigaon in Assam innovated a low cost paddy thresher, which threshes the paddy without chopping the straw. The machine has specifications of separating and throwing grains, chaffs and straws. It reduces the labourer and drudgery.

Hoque, educated only till 8th standard, thundered with his creativity in 2007. He has been awarded by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in the sixth national biennial awards in 2011. NIF provided technological support as well as financed Rs 10 lakh under Micro Venture Innovation Fund (MVIF) scheme from which he has so far repaid Rs 4 lakh.

“The thresher is sold during paddy harvesting seasons twice a year, November - December and April - May. I make 200 machines every year, but unable for fulfilling the comparatively higher demand,” says Hoque.

“Considering the demand, NIF is looking for a commercial manufacturer for the machine. As patent has been done, a certain royalty will be paid to me,” adds the 55 years old innovator.

The thresher can be operated by a 5 HP electric motor or a diesel engine. It is consisting of feeding chute, threshing cylinder, blower, straw outlet and grain outlet. The external body is made of high quality steel sheets to withstand maximum wear and tear. It produces around 450 kg of paddy grains per hour. The machine costs around Rs 55,000.

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