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Twitterati extend support to Farmers March in Mumbai

The farmers’ march got humongous support from the people on microblogging site, Twitter which made it a tending issue of the day

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Neglected by successive governments and suffering from unending distress, 50,000 farmers’ 120 km march towards Mumbai, led by CPI (M) affiliated All India Kisan Sabha, has gathered big support from the people on microblogging site, Twitter.

Farmers’ are only demanding remunerative prices for agricultural produce, implementation of the recommendations of Swaminathan Commission, implementation of Forest Rights Act and unconditional loan waiver due to crop failure.

The march got humongous support from the people on microblogging site, Twitter which made it a tending issue of the day.

Kamlesh Sutar, Deputy Editor, India Today wrote on Twitter, “These #Farmers wl b marching in d Midnight to avoid any inconvenience to your children who r appearing for board exams. Now B4 u question or abuse them, remembr, they too r fighting fr a better future of their children.”

Walking over 160 km in 6 days, the men and women marched their final 20 km into central Mumbai even as the state government took quick action to prevent the embarrassment of a gherao of the legislative assembly. The march also got support from Shiv Sena, Congress, MNS, and others.

Writing in the crisis in Indian agriculture, senior journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai twitted, “Truth is, there is a serious structural crisis facing Indian agriculture. Very few kisan children want to remain farmers, land holdings getting smaller, incomes lesser. No magic solutions but a need to at least engage with farmers and not just the men in suits! #FarmersMarch.”

Political Editor of NDTV, Sunetra Choudhury wrote on the timing of the march which farmers prefer to do in the nigh so that their march do not disrupt the lives of the people in Mumabai, she wrote, “In my v long career, never heard of any protestor walk through the night so as not to disturb others.”

On neglecting farmers by successive governments, activist and lawyer in the Supreme Court of India, Prashant Bhushan wrote on the social media site, Twitter, “This farmers movement is the defining movement of our times. Farmers, neglected by successive governments have finally risen up. We or any party can now ignore them at our peril.”

Citizen for Justice and Peace, appealing for farmers’ support twitted, “When #Farmers suffer, we all pay the price. So let us unite and support them as they fight for their rights.”

Appealing for solidarity for farmers, journalist, Purva Chitnis appealed in the microblogging site, “Please don't treat #KisanLongMarch as a traffic issue! These are thousands of farmers traversing 200 km in sun and dust. These aren't some fraudsters running away with your money! Solidarity with #FarmersMarcha.”

While the majority of users on Twitter spoke in the solidarity of farmers, right wing filmmaker Vivek Agnihoti called the farmers urban naxals and twitted, “Red terror is coming to cities. The organisational and communication management all handled by #UrbanNaxals. Front organisations and media handling narrative. Dangerous times ahead leading upto 2019. Ignore it now, repent later.”

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