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Low-Cost Yet Impactful Innovations

Rural Technology

We are all aware of innovations that have changed lives & made lives easier for thousands of people.

We are all aware of innovations that have changed lives & made lives easier for thousands of people. However, some innovations remain unheard & unsung just because they were not innovated by A-listers but by a few rural heroes who dared to challenge the odds they had been facing since years. 

Here, we are listing some of the interesting innovations that will blow your mind with their simple yet smart technology.

1.  Mitticool Fridge
It was during the summers of 2006 when a small-town engineer Mansukhbhai Prajapati came up with this innovative product-- the Mitticool Fridge. It was a fridge none of a kind. Made entirely from clay, Mitticool fridge is the perfect device to keep food items healthy & fresh for up to five days. It requires no external electrical power to work & comes at a very affordable price. So next time, don’t get surprised if somebody offers you freezer-cooled water especially even if there’s no electricity. Just know that if that happens, probably you are drinking water cooled in a Mitticool fridge! 

2. Mechanical Tree Climber
Imaginations are the key to innovation, but there are times when adversity leads to invention. One such low-cost invention was the Mechanical Tree Climber by D. Renganathan. The idea came to his mind while climbing a coconut tree. Earlier, it was difficult & dangerous to climb trees for the climber but with this Mechanical Climber, which has a “four-lock pin” system, it becomes quite an easy task as this system prevents the climber from falling with its unique technique. This device is now popular across South Asia.

3. Perpetual Paintbrush
Adding some special features to an existing product also comes under the category of innovation and one such innovator is Jahangir Ahmed. He came up with a paintbrush which directly pumps paint from the hose to the brush making it easier for the painter to paint. With this technique, the painter could paint without wasting time in continuous dipping into the bucket. Smart work indeed!

4. Well Pulley with a Brake System
A majority of rural folks still depend on wells for their water needs. But it is difficult, as well as physically demanding to use the traditional pulley system. Providing a solution to this problem, Amit Agrawal has designed a Brake-attached-pulley-system or “Stopper”. This Stopper allows someone to rest mid-way while pulling water from the well.

Amit has developed three types of Stoppers: Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati that people can use according to their requirements & the type of the well.

5. Gas-operated Iron 
Well, a very interesting innovation is the Gas-operated Iron. We all are aware of the electricity/power problems in rural India. The market is flooded with numerous iron brands but most of them are operated by electricity. To address this problem, one man came up with a very innovative solution, the Gas-operated iron. This iron uses gas to generate heat and it costs around Rs. 1.8/hour. It is easy to use, smartly designed and is perfect for tailors and washer-men due to its cost-effectiveness & ease of operation.