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The 10th passed Agri-scientist: Meet Kashinath N. Lokhande

soybean harvest

Fortune’s favourite are a few, but people who make their fortune brighter with their hard labour are rare

Fortune’s favourites are few, but people who make their fortune brighter with their hard labour are rare. One such true gem is Kashinath N. Lokhande. Born in a small village of Betul in Madhya Pradesh, Kashinath has come a long-way.

This renowned agriculturist was once a truck driver who worked hard to earn his livelihood. But then, with the support and motivation of his elder brother, Kashinath started cultivating soya bean, wheat, gram and orange in his five acres of land. It was Kharif, 2008, when he observed some healthy plants of Soya bean JS 9752 variety with early maturation of 10-12 days. He decided to harvest 300 g of seeds from those plants & in 2009 he successfully harvested 15 kg of seeds from them. Since then, he never looked back & developed a new variety of soya bean called “Padrinath-1” with more number of pods & bold-sized seeds.

Padrinath-1 is a bi-seasonal variety of 90-95 days and is tolerant to Yellow Mosaic disease, commonly found in soya bean plants. Besides, the plants are high yielding, need no fertilizer and are suitable for heavy and low-rain areas.

He has also distributed these seeds to the other farmers of his region. The field trials of Padrinath-1 were conducted in Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat & Karnataka where it was found that the plants are high yielding, have early-maturity-time & are resistant to any disease. However, in 2015, due to low-rains in some soya bean producing belt in Madhya Pradesh, a few varieties failed but the performance of Padrinath-1 has been constant.

Though Kashinath didn’t get much acknowledgment for his work, we need more people like him to change the society. More power to this trailblazer!