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Apollo plans 14 ‘reach hospitals’in rural

    R&M Bureau
    By R&M Bureau, Delhi,
    Fri, Nov 7th, 2014 (11:13:37 AM IST) Section: News Category: Healthcare

    Apollo hospitals plans to add at least chain of 14 ‘reach hospitals’ in rural regions at a cost of Rs. 1,800 crore by 2016.

    Apollo plans 14 ‘reach hospitals’in rural

    Prathap C Reddy, Apollo Hospitals’s Chairman, said, Apollo plans to ride the next wave of growth with expansion in rural sector. The hospital chain plans to add at least 14 ‘reach hospitals’ in rural regions at a cost of Rs. 1,800 crore by 2016 and plans more in the coming years.

    “Despite the ability and the willingness to pay for quality healthcare services, patients in these areas are forced to opt for moderate or sub-standard facilities for lack of a better alternative. These catchment areas can prove to be low-hanging fruit for healthcare service providers who are able to offer quality healthcare services with excellent clinical outcomes,” the company stated in a report.

    The company had earlier said that it has received board approval to invest Rs. 2,100 crore for expansion over thenext three years.

    Reddy said that first for the patient, travel and expenses are reduced. The expenses of coming to a metropolitan are too much. Further, he added that the reduced development cost helps the hospital focus more investments into patient care.

    “We are asking for the same status as IT sector has received. In IT, they (Government) gave cheap land, gave tax breaks. And look at how much the sector has achieved for the country. We can also do similar things in healthcare if they give land. If I have to buy land in Delhi, the cost has to be passed on to the people,” he said.