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3 ways to master rural customer acquisition

    R&M Bureau
    By R&M Bureau, Delhi,
    Tue, Sep 30th, 2014 (11:21:22 AM IST) Section: Industry Category: Listicle

    Rural consumers have diverse, specialized needs and preferences. To acquire these customers, businesses must understand the cultural, economic and demographic dimensions that define them. Here are 3 ways to acquire rural customers.

    3 ways to master rural customer acquisition


    1. Create trust and relevance through an ecosystem of stakeholders: engage with a wide set of stakeholders to prove that the business is a force for widely shared good.


    2. Define a unique value proposition for rural customers: Successful companies continuously renew their commitment to— and strengthen their capabilities for—knowing rural customers and delivering experiences tailored to their needs, values and preferences.


    3. Engage the right set of influencers: Since most brands have a relatively short history in rural India, word of mouth plays a much stronger role in acquiring rural customers than it does in urban markets.